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Outlook 2016 makes sharing files easier with an improved attachment experience.

Upload attachments for easy sharing

You can send files as traditional attachments or upload them directly from Outlook to OneDrive or a SharePoint team site, meaning everyone can access, view and edit the same version.

Choose from recently accessed files

When attaching a file to an email, you’ll see a list of all the documents you’ve recently accessed – so you can spend less time searching for the right one to attach.

Microsoft Teams

Teams simplifies communication, with calling, meetings and chat all in one place.

1. Chat with all project collaborators at once

You can initiate a call or video from Teams.

2. Don’t miss an opportunity to chat with a guest

Now you can safely and securely invite guests to Teams and have them join a chat, join a meeting or participate in a call.


Whether you’re teaming up on a new strategy, a presentation or a key agency initiative, SharePoint keeps content at the heart of teamwork. Files, sites and content are easily shareable and accessible across teams and organizations.

1. Connect your workplace

SharePoint delivers connected experiences that empower people to share their expertise and work together with the files, data, conversations and notes they need.

Start your day on SharePoint’s home page, where you can see your teams’ recent activity at a glance. Get to work quickly with easy navigation to your sites, and get a view of what’s important now.

2. Share and work together

When you add SharePoint pages as tabs in Teams, you can link news articles or your team site’s home page. More integration between SharePoint and Teams means more accessibility options for your workforce.

How to add SharePoint with Teams

  1. In your Microsoft Teams channel, click + to add a tab.
  2. Select SharePoint.
  3. Select the relevant site or use a SharePoint link.
  4. If you use a SharePoint link, give it a user-friendly name for the Teams tab OneNote


During a meeting, contributors can type up brainstorming ideas in a shared OneNote document at the same time. Need to follow up on an idea with someone? Edits are always attributed to a writer, making it easy to find out who wrote what.

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