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Co-Authoring With Confidence (Pt. 1)
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Teamwork is a key component of Office 365, and the real-time co-authoring feature gives team members the chance to share ideas and add comments directly to a document with ease. Improved version history lets you see, accept or reject changes as well as revert to previous versions, ensuring nothing is lost. And new features improve the experience of working on a presentation in real time with multiple team members.



Get up and running

To get started using real-time co-authoring, save your Word document to OneDrive. Then, click the Share button, located in the top-right of the window. The sharing experience is the same whether you share on the web, in Explorer on Windows 10 or Windows 7.

Invite colleagues

You can share and collaborate on files with people inside and outside your organization – even with people who don’t have an Office 365 subscription.

Enable real-time co-authoring

When your teammates sign on and work in the document in Word or Word Online, you’ll see their changes as soon as they’re made.

Work together seamlessly

You and your team can draft, comment and edit work in real time. Add or reply to comments next to the text you’re discussing so your colleagues can follow the conversation.



See document history at a high level

Open the History pane by clicking File > History. See at a glance when the file was created and when it was last modified.

See who contributed to a file

All revisions are listed by date and include the names of the people who made them, so you can follow up with anyone about their changes.

See how files evolve over time

Click on a version to open it and see how it differs from later versions of the same file.

Restore previous versions

If you want to revert to an older version of a file, just tap Restore and the document will revert to how it appeared at that point in time.



Get team visibility

The top-right corner of the screen shows you who is working in the file and where they are working. With one click, you can jump to the slide they’re working on.

Initiate video chats

By clicking on a person’s thumbnail image and the Skype logo, you can start a group chat to discuss whatever you’re collaborating on.

View document activity

The activity feed shows you a full history of changes made to the document, letting you revert to prior versions if necessary.

Communicate through comments

Threaded conversations and quick-access buttons mean you can quickly reply to or resolve comments.

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